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Top Tips...

The importance of grooming your dog in between professional grooms.

Start with just 5 minutes every day, then gradually increase the time to suit you and your dog’s needs, always reward your dog after grooming.
Your dog will love the attention and quality time you spend with him/her.
Able to spot any cuts, fleas, tics or dermatitis
Will stop a build up of dead skin (dandruff)
It will promote good blood circulation
Your dogs coat will look healthier 
It will reduce the cost at the professional groomers.

Keeping on top of tangles.

Daily brushing will minimise the tangles (ears, elbow, rump area)
undercoat on dog creates a tight web of fur if not brushed
skin becomes red, dry and sore
air circulation on skin is reduced
dog will scratch at tangles and break the skin, causing an infection.


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