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Qualified micro chip implanter.
Qualified, and considerate dog groomer.
Qualified Canine first responder.

The Hydrobath is a special bath with a therapeutic massage shower head, which will penetrate deep into the fur to clean the skin more effectively than a standard shower, importantly it also stimulates good blood circulation and is favourable to tired muscles and to dogs with arthritis.

What we expect from the Owner

Your dog has not been left too long between grooms. If your dog has a matted, knotted or tangled coat it will take much longer and incur greater cost to the client. However, more importantly, this will be more stressful to the dog. A matted coat can hide wounds, skin problems and parasite infestation.

Notification if your dog’s coat is matted before arrival to the cabin – so we can allow extra time for your grooming.

Please allow 24 hours notice if you have to cancel or reschedule a pre-booked appointment.

What your dog can expect from TopKnot Grooming Cabin

Utmost care and one-on-one attention to health and hygiene.
Love and respect.
A relaxed grooming environment.
Firm but gentle handling.
Secure surroundings.


Anglesey 07900 040 597
Hillcrest, Llanddona, Anglesey, LL58 8UA


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What to expect additionally from Topknot Grooming Cabin

A high standard of work, which takes into consideration of your wishes and compatible with the type and condition of your dog's coat.
A good knowledge of breed styles. I give practical ideas about customising to suit your dog’s lifestyle and your ability to maintain the style easily between visiting Topknot Grooming Cabin.
An understanding of behaviour and health issues, which will work appropriately to your dog's needs.
Advice on coat care at home, suggestions on appropriate brushes and combs to ensure that the coat is kept in good condition between visits to Topknot Grooming Cabin.
Purpose built premises that has a relaxed atmosphere, one on one care for each customer (no cage waiting), fully insured, clean and safe cabin, qualified canine first aider.
I will notify owner of any obvious health problems, such as skin disorders, and when to advise seeking veterinary attention.
I provide a high range of speciality shampoos to suit your dog's coat and skin condition.
I offer nail clipping, ear cleaning, doggy-day-care and I'm a qualified microchip implanter.
An unhurried service as required for each dogs needs, allowing breaks as required.

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